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Kathryn Farthing


With 20 years of marketing and financial services experience at agencies and organizations of all sizes, Kathryn has a broad spectrum of experience. 

During her tenure at BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world, Kathryn led the US brand and advertising efforts for iShares ETFs. While at BlackRock, Kathryn led multi-million dollar brand and product advertising campaigns via TV/video, digital marketing, print advertising, billboards, web, experiential marketing and marketing collateral. She also managed the creative agency relationships. 

While at Parnassus Investments, the leading all-ESG fund provider in the US, Kathryn helped build and develop the marketing platform by introducing new brand guidelines, a redesigned website, digital marketing, integrated product campaigns and new sales and marketing collateral. Kathryn also helped Parnassus scale its ESG messaging through developing its first ESG report and ESG-focused marketing campaigns. 

Having worked at an advertising agency gave her the perspective and creative vision necessary to cut through the marketplace clutter. While at Y&R, she worked on Blue Shield of CA and Heavenly Ski Resorts.  Working at a PR agency taught her about the importance of brand communications and the grit necessary to get your brand attention via earned media. While at Schwartz Communications, she focused on tech companies such as Lucid8, Metcomb and Exedel.

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